What we do

The East Grinstead Youth council is all about being heard and using good team work to make our community a better place. We will work together to achieve this and strive for the voices of the youth to be heard by our community.

We are a collaboration of young people who aspire to enhance and solve problems in our community. We provide solutions and reach out to organizations. We support a local charity each year, this year we have been supporting Age UK. The youth council run an IT club to assist the elderly in Age UK to help them use their technical devices. This has been very successful for the youth council’s volunteering. To help support Age UK a non-uniform day is going to be held at Imberhorne and Sackville secondary schools.

Our next goal would be to incorporate ourselves in the Student Councils/Student Voices of schools to endeavor and form a future for participation in school life as well as the community life. Past involvements have been in the East Grinstead Carnival, Zombie Walk for the Teen Cancer, which £160 was raised, Westminster trip-House of Parliament which will occur again in the future, and Play Day at King Georges park in August. We have joined as a group of youths to decide on how to make our community a better place for us youths.

Empowering young people

The Youth Council believes in young people and seeks to further build their confidence through meeting new people and expressing their views.  We help young people develop skills and capacity to help them participate in society and the world that awaits them.

We make sure young people’s voices are heard and their views are taken into account during the decision-making process for local policies and events.

Supporting the local community

The Youth Council supports activities such as the local Age UK IT group. This provides cross-generational understanding where collaborative learning can occur among all ages.

We believe this provides an essential service that empowers the elderly to access the benefits of the internet and new technology such as Email, online shopping and skype to connect with relatives across the world.

Taking part in local campaigns

The Youth Council have helped both local and national level charities such as Age UK.

We have contributed to many parades, fundraisers and local events over the years such as Remembrance Day parade, East Court Live, the East Grinstead Carnival and the Big Reveal making us a very active organisation in East Grinstead for young people.

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