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Why should you join? You can build confidence and teamwork skills by meeting and conversing with other youths in the council. Joining the East Grinstead youth council will also look attractive on your CV.

Joining the East Grinstead youth council means you will get the opportunity to meet new people and your ideas and opinions are listened to. You get to express your views on whatever is significant to you and other youths. Joining also means you get a greater understanding of your town and how it works. As a member you get to volunteer at local community events which means you will be empowered to take decisions and improve your local community.

For youths preparing for the future, joining the youth council will look great on your CV or a university application form. You also get to develop skills and abilities needed for later on in life. Members who volunteer have a greater emotional and physical well being, making volunteering an effective way for young people to alleviate the symptoms of depression, loneliness and isolation. Come join us in the East Grinstead youth council, open for any youth interested in getting recognition and the soft skills needed in our community.

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