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We are a group of 11-18 year olds who live within the East Grinstead area of Mid Sussex. We take an active role in our community in order to make a difference within East Grinstead.

We undertake various fundraising ventures to support local charities. We are a forum that represents the views of young people in East Grinstead.

We create opportunities for young people to achieve and to be involved in influencing local policies and attitudes.

Our members

Beatrice Reid

Beatrice Reid Webmaster

I joined the Youth Council to try and make a difference in East Grinstead. Not many people know this, but I am actually half Australian!

Ellie Canepa-Anson

I am 15 and I’m a student. I play the violin and I love the film V for Vendetta. My inspiration is Leonardo Da Vinci.

Zak Bhalwani

Zak Bhalwani EGYC Member

Annelise Furniss

Annelise Furniss EGYC Member

I'm a bubbly and creative person with a love for writing and music.

Louise Greenaway

Louise Greenaway EGYC Member

I'm a fun and friendly person who loves to be creative and have a laugh with others.

Mila Johnson

Mila Johnson EGYC Member

Leah Oliver

Leah Oliver EGYC Member

I'm very out going and also up for a challenge. I'm doing this to make people aware that the youth council is here to help.

Kelly Dunn EGYC Member

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