East Grinstead Youth Council

As the East Grinstead youth council we influence young people to get involved in their communities, nationally and internationally by volunteering and campaigning. We support and inform young people of the decisions that affect their lives.

Our mission

What we do

The East Grinstead Youth council is all about being heard and using good team work to make our community a better place. We will work together to achieve this and strive for the voices of the youth to be heard by our community.

Empowering young people

We have joined as a group of youths to decide on how to make our community a better place for us youths.

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Supporting the local community

We are a collaboration of young people who aspire to enhance and solve problems in
our community.

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Taking part in local campaigns

We incorporate ourselves in the Student Councils to form a future for participation in school life as well as the community life.

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Our key members

Beatrice Reid

Beatrice Reid Webmaster

I joined the Youth Council to try and make a difference in East Grinstead. Not many people know this, but I am actually half Australian!

Ellie Canepa-Anson

I am 15 and Iā€™m a student. I play the violin and I love the film V for Vendetta. My inspiration is Leonardo Da Vinci.

Zak Bhalwani

Zak Bhalwani EGYC Member

Annelise Furniss

Annelise Furniss EGYC Member

I'm a bubbly and creative person with a love for writing and music.

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